The Word

Scripture is the Word of God and essential for knowing Him personally. There is a difference between knowing about someone and actually knowing them, and our readings and interaction with Scripture during worship help us find God in all of His complexity and personality. God’s Word enriches and shapes our understanding of Him and our communion with one another.

The Sacrament

The center of our worship is Holy Communion, also sometimes called Holy Eucharist or Mass.  This ancient Christian practice was created by Jesus himself.  Holy Communion joins our own worship offering to Christ’s offering of Himself on the cross.  As He promised in Scripture, Jesus is truly, spiritually present under the outward forms of the consecrated bread and wine, to fill our lives with His love and Holy Spirit.*

As broken and sinful persons and communities, we are aware of our need for God’s forgiveness. We live by grace through faith and continually strive to give our lives over to God. Forgiven in Christ and strengthened by word and sacrament, we remain in the love and power of God’s Spirit.

This is the family meal for Christians and a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. Therefore, all persons who have been baptized into the spiritual family that is the Church, they are welcome to receive the bread and wine, and be in communion with God and each other.

*Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 6; I Corinthians 11