We are joining God and working with friends for the renewal of Detroit.

In Christ, God is loving and reconciling the world to himself (see John 3:162 Corinthians 5:17-19). This Scripture means the entire cosmos, all that exists, that God is in the process of reconciling to himself—He wants to make things right. God is taking all the chaos, the disruption, the pain and hurt and is ordering it, calming it and mending it. 

We believe that God is working in and through communities like our Church in Detroit. Spiritual renewal is our foundation, because any sort of lasting renewal should have the same heartbeat as God—everything and everyone must experience the deep love of God.

From spiritual renewal, social and cultural renewal spreads everywhere. Scripture is full of God’s heart for justice within corrupt systems, freedom instead of captivity, provision for the marginalized and care for widows.  We are reimagining all areas of life—every sidewalk and alley, every boardroom, pub and coffee shop, every business, everyone.

We are joining God and working with friends for the comprehensive social, cultural, and spiritual renewal of Detroit by:

• Responding to human need by loving service.
• Proclaiming the Good News of God’s Kingdom.
• Teaching, baptizing and nurturing new Christian believers.
• Transforming unjust structures of society, challenging violence of every kind and pursuing peace and reconciliation.
• Striving to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

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