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Sunday, May 17, 2015 10:00 AM
The Sunday after Ascension Day
The Service of Holy Communion

The Hymns
The Processional Hymn: 357 – Hail, thou once despised Jesus!
The Sermon Hymn: 498 – Where cross the crowded ways of life (Descant: Lewis)
The Communion Hymn: 106 – The head that once was crowned with thorns
The Recessional Hymn: 356 – At the Name of Jesus (Tune: King’s Weston)

The Setting of the Ordinary
Missa de Sancta Maria MagdalenaHealey Willan (710, 797, 712, 713)

The Minor Propers
Sunday after Ascension Day – Gregorian Chant: The St. John’s Gradual (preliminary)
The Introit: Exáudi, Dómine – Psalm 27:8, 9, 1
The Alleluia: Regnávit Dóminus – Psalm 47:8; St. John 14:18
The Offertory: Ascéndit Deus – Psalm 47:5
The Communion: Pater, cum essem – St. John 17:12, 13, 15

The Psalms, Anthems, and Motets
The Psalm: 24. Domini est terra. Anglican Chant: Joseph Barnby
The Offertory Anthem: Lift up your heads, O ye gates William Mathias

The Organ Voluntaries
The Prelude: Chorale – Mathias
The Postlude: Toccata giocosa, op. 36, no. 2 – Mathias