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Sunday, October 6, 2013 10:00 AM
The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity
The Service of Holy Communion

The Hymns
The Processional Hymn: 158 – O Splendor of God’s glory bright (Tune: Puer nobis)
The Sermon Hymn: 413 – Lord, as to thy dear cross we flee
The Communion Hymn: 211 – Come with us, O blessèd Jesus
The Recessional Hymn: 280 – God, my King, thy might confessing

The Setting of the Ordinary
John Merbecke and George C. Martin (701)
John Merbecke, 1549 ([796], 706)
Old Scottish Chant (739)

The Minor Propers
Trinity XIX – Gregorian Chant: The St. John’s Gradual (preliminary)
The Introit: Salus pópuli – Cf. Psalm 37:39, 40, 28; Psalm 78:1
The Gradual: Dirigátur – Psalm 141:2
The Alleluia: Confitémini Dómino – Psalm 105:1
The Offertory: Si ambulávero – Psalm 138:7
The Communion: Tu mandásti – Psalm 119:4–5

The Psalms, Anthems, and Motets
The Psalm: 103:8–14. Miserator et misericors. Anglican Chant: James Nares
The Offertory Anthem: Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God T. Tertius Noble

The Organ Voluntaries
The Prelude: Andante (from Symphonie II, op. 13, no. 2) – Charles-Marie Widor
The Postlude: Fugue (from Hallelujah! Gott zu loben, Op. 52, No. 3) – Max Reger