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Sunday, August 18, 2013 10:00 AM
The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity
The Service of Holy Communion

The Hymns
The Processional Hymn: 299 – Sing praise to God, who spoke through man
The Sermon Hymn: 155 – New every morning is the love
The Communion Hymn: 515 – From thee all skill and science flow
The Recessional Hymn: 769 – Joyful, joyful, we adore thee

The Setting of the Ordinary
John Merbecke, 1549 (702, [796], 706)
Old Scottish Chant (739)

The Minor Propers
Trinity XII – Gregorian Chant: The St. John’s Gradual (preliminary)
The Introit: Deus in adjutórium – Psalm 70:1–2
The Gradual: Benedícam Dóminum – Psalm 34:1–2
The Alleluia: Dómine Deus salútis meæ – Psalm 88:1
The Offertory: Precátus est Móyses – Exodus 32:11–14
The Communion: De fructu óperum – Psalm 104:13, 15

The Psalms, Anthems, and Motets
The Psalm: 15. Domine, quis habitabit? Anglican Chant: S. Arnold
The Offertory Anthem: Hide not thou thy face Richard Farrant

The Organ Voluntaries
The Prelude: Largo (from Trio Sonata No. 2 in C minor, BWV 526ii) – Johann Sebastian Bach
The Postlude: Allegro (from Trio Sonata No. 2 in C minor, BWV 526iii) – Bach