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April 12, 2009 10:00 AM
Easter Day
The Service of Festive Holy Communion

Guest Artists

Pre-Service Music
Brass Prelude (9:30 AM)

The Hymns
The Processional Hymn: 86 – Hail thee, festival day!
The Sequence Hymn: 91 – The strife is o’er, the battle done
The Sermon Hymn: 87 – “Welcome, happy morning!” age to age shall say (Descant: Lewis)
The Communion Hymn: 89 – At the Lamb’s high feast we sing
The Recessional Hymn: 85 – Jesus Christ is risen today (Descant: Langmuir)

The Setting of the Ordinary
Communion Service in B minorT. Tertius Noble
Old Scottish Chant (739)

The Minor Propers
The Introit: Haec dies William Byrd
Easter Day – Gregorian Chant: The English Gradual

  • The Gradual: Haec dies – Psalm 118:24
  • The Alleluia: Pascha nostrum – 1 Corinthians 5:7
  • The Offertory: Terra trémuit – Psalm 76:8–9
  • The Communion: Pascha nostrum – 1 Corinthians 5:7–8

The Psalms, Anthems, and Motets
The Psalm: 118:14–17, 22–24. Fortitudo mea. Anglican Chant: Alan Gray
The Offertory Anthem: Sing ye to the Lord Edward Bairstow
The Communion Anthem: Ave verum corpus – Byrd

The Organ Voluntaries
The Prelude: Sarabande for Easter morningHerbert Howells
The Postlude: Final (from Première Symphonie, Op. 14) – Louis Vierne