February 19, 2006
Sexagesima, or the Second Sunday before Lent
The Service of Holy Communion

The Hymns
The Processional Hymn: 155 – New every morning is the love
The Sermon Hymn: 517 – Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old
The Communion Hymn: 406 – Art thou weary, art thou laden
The Recessional Hymn: 53 – Songs of thankfulness and praise

The Setting of the Ordinary
John Merbecke, 1549 (702, [796], 706)
Old Scottish Chant (739)

The Minor Propers
The Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

The Psalms, Anthems, and Motets
The Psalm: 32:1-8. Beati quorum. – Anglican Chant: Welford Russell
The Offertory Anthem: Let thy merciful ears – Mudd

The Organ Voluntaries
The Prelude: Allegretto, op. 1 – Louis Vierne
The Postlude: Fugue in C minor (from BWV 582) – Johnann Sebastian Bach