The Liturgy

Our liturgies and forms of worship is rooted in our Anglican heritage that many associate with the great English cathedrals.

Some might be tempted to think of liturgy as simply meaning “ritual” or ceremony, but liturgy is actually rich with meaning. Liturgy is central to our Christian faith and practice, and it is an important part of our relationship with God. The signs, symbols and sacred practices which form public worship derive from the language and events of Scripture and over two thousand years of Christian history. Our liturgies reminds us of the mystery of salvation in Jesus Christ, and they are also part of the very means by which we enter into that mystery.

The Book of Common Prayer (1928 edition) is the primary symbol of our unity. Although we are many and diverse, we come together in Christ through our worship and our common prayer.

The Choir

Music has been an important element of worship at St. John’s for over a hundred years.

We value excellence and desire to craft emotionally engaging music. We are very proud of our talented choir.  The choir is charged with leading all congregational singing as well as with providing special musical offerings.  Our co-ed choir is a choral ensemble from the historic Anglican musical tradition in the United States.

The St. John’s Church choir and music ministry has been directed on and off since 1974 by Dr. Huw Lewis. Dr. Lewis is the college organist and a professor of music at Hope College.

On special occasions throughout the year, we include classical brass and string ensembles in worship.

You can find wonderful examples of our choir and music ministry on our YouTube channel.

For more information, please e-mail us or visit our choir page.