Music has been an important element of worship at St. John’s Church for over a hundred and fifty years.  We value excellence and desire to craft emotionally engaging musical experiences.  We are a group of singers dedicated to leading the music in thew worship of St. John’s in the best way possible, and with the highest standards.

Our coed Choir is a choral ensemble from the historic Anglican musical tradition in the United States.  We come from many walks of life.  But all of us have had, or are receiving, professional musical training, and many are active professional musicians.

The St. John’s Church Choir and Music ministry has been directed on and off since 1974 by Dr. Huw Lewis.  Dr. Lewis is the College Organist and a professor of music at Hope College.  On special occasions throughout the year, we include classical brass and string ensembles in worship.  We have wonderful examples of our music on the Church Youtube channel.

In the normal season, we meet at 8am on Sunday morning and rehears until just before our 10am service.  Before Christmas and Easter, we often rehearse immediately following the service. Rehearsals can be pretty intense, because we mark and practice all the hymns–Anthems, the Introit, the Gradual, the Sequence, the Offertory, the Communion, and sometimes the Canticles and the Preces.

We ask that our choir musicians 1) have a good, reliable and flexible singing technique, 2) have ability to read and learn difficult music quickly, and 3) commit to arriving at Church by 8am every week.

For more information on auditions or bookings, please contact the Church office or email us.